Concrete Coatings In Michigan

High-Quality Residential Floor Coatings in Michigan

Looking to protect your floors while adding a touch of style? If so, then it is time to reach out to NSI Epoxy. We’ve mastered the art of floors and are ready to offer you residential floor coatings in Michigan that perfectly blend functionality and art together. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about our impressive epoxy coatings.

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Epoxy Floor Sealant for Your Garage

As one of the main entryways into your home, it is crucial to protect your garage’s concrete floor to reduce the amount of dirt, dust, and grime you could track into your home. With our epoxy floor sealant, you are able to enhance the overall aesthetics of your garage while making it more resistant to marks, stains, and debris. All those imperfections common with garage floors will no longer be an issue after you apply our concrete floor coatings.

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Epoxy Floor Coatings for Your Basement

For many people, basements can feel damp and musty. While some have tried absorbent flooring, this is not a great solution since they tend to hold in odor. Even worse, if any water or sewage gets in, these absorbent floors are ruined.

Thankfully, epoxy-coated floors offer the perfect solution to this big problem. With our epoxy coatings, you just clean up the water and sanitize the floor. Simple and easy! We offer a variety of colors and styles that will fit your décor as well, which means you can transform your basement into a place you want to be instead of one you want to avoid.

Other Ideal Areas for Epoxy Floor Coatings In and Around Your Home

Benefits of Using Our Residential Floor Coatings

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Slip Resistant

The concrete coating is slip resistant, which helps prevent home or work injuries.

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Our coatings are low VOC, meaning they are less evaporative of organic compounds that can damage the environment.

Cleaning Spray

Easy to Clean

Stains wipe right up on our non-porous coatings.


Premium Warranty

All floor coatings come with an industry-standard premium warranty.

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No Hot Tire Pick-Up

Our specialty patent coatings prevent hot tire pick-up.


Antimicrobial and Antibacterial

Our coatings are antimicrobial and antibacterial, ideal for hospitals, food manufacturing plants, restrooms, restaurants, and more.

Two Times Thicker Than Polyurea/Polyaspartic One-Day Systems

When nothing but the best will do, we have what you need. Our premium full-flake systems are two times thicker than the Polyurea/Polyaspartic one-day systems. That means you are getting a thicker floor when you shop with us. To ensure proper adhesion, we prime our floors and allow them to cure overnight. This gives them the time needed to deliver the results they are after instead of the rushed work that can come with one-day floor companies.

As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” This is a reminder of the fact that creating something big and great requires time and patience. The same can be said with a durable and long-lasting floor coating system.

Epoxy has been around for over a century, and when done correctly, there isn’t a stronger coating system. The fact is that polyurea systems are relatively new—and they have been failing at an alarming rate. Why? The issue is the quick dry time. This doesn’t give the polyurea enough time to adhere to the concrete in the way epoxy does. The coating is virtually sitting on the top of the surface and delaminating in sheets.


At NSI Epoxy, you are going to get professional work, affordable pricing, honesty, and a durable and long-lasting product each and every time you work with us.

Here are Some Misconceptions and Claims:

Polyurea is 4x stronger than Epoxy.


Polyurea/Polyaspartic systems won’t chip, peel, stain, or fade.


Epoxy has a stronger odor than polyurea/polyaspartic.


Thinner is better.


When considering us over those one-day companies, please remember that most of them use epoxy in their applications daily. If they offer metallic floor coatings or moisture vapor barrier coatings, these are all made using epoxy. So, ask yourself, if they claim that it’s no good, then why are they using it?